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Why We Are Inspired By Mother's Day!

Mother's Day holds so many different meanings. For some this is a day to honor the women in their life, and for others this is a day to honor the memories. We wanted to provide support for those who have lost, literally or figuratively.

Let's start a conversation for members of our community who need a little uplifting on holidays like this. Know this - your wellness and mindset should be at the forefront no matter what category you fall in.

Relationships with Mom can be complex. We internalize relationships with Mom. I see my 8 year old exhibiting this tug-and-pull in wanting to please me while demonstrating her personality. Adult daughters? We plan the "perfect day/gift," worry, or wish we were celebrating what others take for granted.

Bottom line? There is always an "I wish."

" I wish I got a better gift..."

" I wish we lived in the same country..."

What is most important to realize is that you are doing your best.

Daughter, mother, niece, or any other mother figure. There are countless ways our little "voice" can tell us about our shortcomings. But guess what? I CHOOSE to free my heart. Be happy that I have my mom, even if we sometimes do not get along. I CHOOSE to love and guide my daughter and accept my limitations, even if I sometimes feel like I am failing her by not being superwoman. I send my heartfelt love and support to those without an easy path to this complex relationship.

Deux Lunes Beauty has always promised to be a community that doesn't shy away from hard conversations. We are here for you if days like these aren't easy. Direct messages are open via Instagram, @deuxlunesbeauty, for any words of encouragement.

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