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2019 in Review: Building a Stronger 2020

What a year! Jina and i FINALLY launched this amazing labor of love in March of 2019 only to exceed our expectations for a small (not for long) cosmetic company.

But guess what? Like most of you reflecting on last year, you probably want to look back to celebrate, learn and GROW. We are no different.

A great professional friend gave me the idea to examine my excuses versus resolutions. So, enjoy our honest moment and motivation. No Limit 2020, here we come.

#1: What would you say were your 3 biggest excuses in 2019 that delayed or prevented you from doing something your heart desired?

* Saran Traore- Director of Operations & BD

Not enough time in the day is first on that list. My #1 go to, always. Second, my "plate is full." Finally feeling that i don't have help for all the things i need/want to do.

*Jina Jackson- Creative Director

I think my 3 biggest excuses were lack of time management, taking on more responsibilities in my work and personal life and not creating a balance.

#2: What are your 3 pledges to yourself in 2020 to counter these excuses?

* Saran Traore- Director of Operations & BD

Prioritize my time and projects so i can be realistic in my outcomes. Make more time for self care so i have the energy and "brain juice" to actually fulfill my ambitions. Finally, make sure i ask for help!

*Jina Jackson- Creative Director

My pledges would be to find a routine that works for balancing work and personal life. Making it so I am not dreading certain responsibilities but actually getting back to enjoying them.

Saran Traore: How will the last 2 questions make you a better Director of Ops & BD for DLB?

Our brand is all about being unapologetically YOU! That includes being honest with myself on what held me back or prevented me from being the best version of myself. With better planning, healthy focus, and prioritization, DLB can truly benefit from amazing business opportunities, growth in brand recognition, partnerships, and efficient operations.

Jina Jackson: How will the last 2 questions make you a better Creative Director for DLB?

It will make me a better Creative Director because when I enjoy what I am doing, it shows in my work. So you will get and see the very best of my efforts in my projects.

What were your 2019 excuses, Star Beauties?! Share your thoughts below or @deuxlunesbeauty on IG & FB with the #NoExcuses2020!

Stay Beautiful,

Saran Traore

Director of Operations & Business Development

Deux-Lunes Beauty, LLC

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